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From:Haihao Tang Date:October 14 2010 2:17am
Subject:Re: Confusion of MySQL XA status.
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Hi, Sergei, thanks for your reply.
Resources mentioned here is like records are locked by InnoDB.
In status PREPARE, I think InnoDB should lock the records that
transaction needed.
What about status IDLE? Same as status PREPARE?

I am investigating whether MySQL XA could apply to financial system.
Are there any successful cases that using MySQL XA to achieve DTP?
Compare with ORACLE in DTP, what is the main inferior position of MySQL XA?
Are there any mature Transaction Manger(TM) to combine with MySQL XA?

So many primary quetions. Thank you very much!!!

2010/10/13 Sergei Golubchik <serg@stripped>:
> Hi, Haihao!
> On Oct 11, Haihao Tang wrote:
>> Hi, all
>>     In MySQL XA, the transaction has four status, like:
>> 1) In those difference status, how does InnoDB occupy the resources? I
>> mean, in status IDLE and PREPARE, does InnoDB occupies difference
>> resources?
> I don't understand the question. What resources do you mean here?
>> 2) Why there is the status IDLE? Why not ACTIVE change to PREPARE
>> after invoking 'XA PREPARED' and ignore IDLE.
> Because MySQL follows the standard. Download the DTP-XA standard
> from the X/Open site and see the state transition tables there.
> Regards,
> Sergei
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