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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:October 13 2010 8:52pm
Subject:Re: Query Rewriting Plugin
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Hi, Padraig!

On Oct 13, Padraig O'Sullivan wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a patch with a new plugin point for query rewriting that I'd
> like to have considered. It allows someone to develop a plugin which
> can modify the text of a query before it is parsed.

What are the use cases?
Do you have any practical examples?

Just to make it clear - I'm not referring to the query rewriting in
general, but precisely to your rewriting API, as you've implemented it.
What are the use cases for it? Can you show any practical rewriting
plugins that are built on this your API?
> I have my work in a branch on launchpad
> (lp:~posulliv/mysql-server/query-rewrite) but I'm not familiar with
> the procedure to get code considered for MySQL. I'm wondering what is
> the preferred method to have this patch considered? Should I propose
> the branch for merging on launchpad or should I send a patch to this
> mailing list?
> Any pointers to the procedure I should follow would be awesome.

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