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From:Tor Didriksen Date:October 8 2010 12:40pm
Subject:[STYLE] bfill and bzero vs memset
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I suggest we remove this recommendation from the style guide:

    For example, use |bfill()| and |bzero()| instead of |memset()|.

and that we use the standard memset() function.

reason: bzero has a number of problems
   - bzero does not seem to be well defined, I'm getting this during
     MySQL configure on Fedora release 12
     config.log:conftest.c:247: warning: conflicting types for built-in 
function 'bzero'
   - on some platforms it is not defined
   - on some platforms it is available, but in non-standard places
   - it was deprecated by posix 9 years ago
   - it is not part of the current posix standard
     where autoconf finds bzero() but the prototype is not visible when 
compiling, do the build fails

Implementation strategy: replace bfill() and bzero() with memset(),
merge changes into relevant trees.

-- didrik

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