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From:Steve Hardy Date:October 4 2010 12:22pm
Subject:RE: InnoDB I/O-bound performance enhancement patch
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Thanks for taking some time for me,

>   1. You are using the prebuilt heap to allocate memory in 
> btr_get_prefetch_pages()
>        this will result in a memory leak (of sorts). The heap
> will only be 
> freed when MySQL
>        closes the table handler.

I was afraid of this. Unfortunately the heap is coupled to 'lastread' which needs to be
remembered over multiple next() calls. I guess that's going to be a messy heap create/free
for each tuple copy.

>  2. You are reading the page numbers in separate mini-transactions (mtr) once
> in
>      btr_get_prefetch_pages() to collect the page numbers to read and
> a second 
> mtr to
>     do the actual read.  The tree structure could
> potentially change between 
> the invocations.
>     Not sure if this causes issues.

I think the tradeoff for lower locktime compared to a few prefetch misses is acceptable.

>  3. The 6.0 release I believe had some MRR code, have you looked at that code?

Not yet, my MRR code is just the wrapper from handler.h, but i will take a look at 6.0

>  4. I couldn't figure out the purpose of key_val_buff2 in 
> read_multi_range_prefetch()

It's used for the 'other' row_sel_convert_mysql_key_to_innobase. This construct was just
copy-pasted from records_in_range()

I have some more things to fix though, I noticed that I am currently ignoring the 'buffer'
argument on the index_read, etc functions and just always writing to table->record[0].
I'm afraid this could break in some cases (a grep of the sourcecode revealed some
table->record[1] references).

Will post an update later today with fixes.
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