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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 12 2002 2:01pm
Subject:tee problem
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>>>>> "Harrison" == Harrison C Fisk <Harrison> writes:

Harrison> Hello,
Harrison> I recently found a bug in the tee part of the MySQL command line client.
Harrison> Basically it involved a seg fault if you tried to tee to a file that you
Harrison> were unable to write to.  I tested it with the most recent 4.0.2 pull and
Harrison> it was still present.  You can test it by doing "tee /etc/passwd"
Harrison> from inside the client.  

Harrison> Below is a patch I wrote which fixes this and a few other minor problems
Harrison> with the tee intialization that I found upon testing.  There were a few
Harrison> lines that seemed repetitive to me, assuming I followed them correctly.
Harrison> In the patch you will see that I commented them out and put a note above
Harrison> them.  From testing it seems to work fine without them.  I didn't know if
Harrison> they were for a portability issue or what they were supposed to do.  Any
Harrison> insite would be appreciated.  
Harrison> Thank you for you time.

Harrison> Harrison

Thanks for the patch;  I have now added this to the 4.0.2 source tree.
I also cleaned up your comments and fixed the commented lines.
(They where there to remove end space from the command line and was

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