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From:Konstantin Osipov Date:July 30 2010 4:14pm
Subject:Re: post-push emails useless?
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* Timour Katchaounov <timour@stripped> [10/07/30 19:59]:

You can't know from the push email what is the real thing because
the push can be into a staging tree.
It's more real than just a commit, but the final changes can only
be found in the log, not in a mail.

The reason we want to disable them is that they take a lot of time
(especially when doing merges and changesets are large), and
duplicate information. Most people filter them out nowadays.

If the intent is to make our work less visible, there is no 
need to run a poll on internals@, one can just say BZR_NO_HOOKS=1.

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