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From:Harrison Fisk Date:July 29 2010 8:57pm
Subject:Re: post-push emails useless?
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I personally find the commits themselves interesting for keeping a pulse on
what is going on.

The fact that the code is duplicated again in pushes is completely worthless
to me and I wouldn't mind them being removed to reduce the level of email
for the list.

So +1 to remove post-push trigger.



On 7/29/10 10:23 AM, "Guilhem Bichot" <guilhem.bichot@stripped> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'd like to do a poll:
> do you think the post-push emails (automatically sent to
> commits@stripped when you do "bzr push") should be disabled
> for Server trees?
> I wasn't involved when they were implemented in our mysql_plugins bzr
> plugin.
> To me they are useless, I never look at mine or others'. I find
> that generating them takes a lot of time when pushing a big
> merge, and anyway big merge means big mail which commits@lists rejects
> due to a size limit.
> They don't work with "bzr push --overwrite" (produce an error).
> We didn't have them when we used BitKeeper.
> If we want to disable them, it means removing the post_push_to line
> from .bzr-mysql/default.conf in main and/or team trees.
> Opinions, anyone?
> Thank you.

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