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From:Nick Kledzik Date:October 19 2000 10:19pm
Subject:building on Darwin/Mac OS X
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I downloaded the 3.23.26 sources and they almost compile on Mac OS X.  I only need to make
two changes!

1) in at line 1520 is:


which conditionalizes mlockall(MCL_CURRENT).  But mlockall is not available on Mac OS X. 
All other uses of it are conditionalized with #ifdef SUN_OS.   So, either HAVE_MLOCKALL is
setup wrong or that conditional should be changed to SUN_OS.

2) in include/my_pthread.h at line 357:

I had to remove the ampersand from the call to pthread_detach.   That is

  #define pthread_detach_this_thread() { pthread_t tmp=pthread_self() ;
pthread_detach(&tmp); }


  #define pthread_detach_this_thread() { pthread_t tmp=pthread_self() ;
pthread_detach(tmp); }


building on Darwin/Mac OS XNick Kledzik20 Oct
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