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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 13 2010 2:09pm
Subject:Bug#27072 (Server autostart by RPM install/upgrade): Concept for a fix
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>>>>> "Joerg" == Joerg Bruehe <Joerg.Bruehe@stripped> writes:


Joerg> I have now finished and checked a fix that will make the installation
Joerg> and upgrade of the MySQL server (via RPM packages) behave as follows:

Joerg> - On first installation, the start/stop scripts will be installed in
Joerg>   "/etc/init.d" and symlinked to the run level directories,
Joerg>   which will cause the MySQL server to be started whenever the machine
Joerg>   boots up.
Joerg>   However, to do as demanded in the bug report, the MySQL server will
Joerg>   not be started directly during installation, but at the next reboot
Joerg>   (unless the sysadmin changed the symlink entries to the run level
Joerg>   directories).

Joerg> - On an upgrade, the "pre" section of the RPM spec file will check
Joerg>   whether the MySQL server is running or not.
Joerg>   It will, using an entry in a file, transfer this knowledge to the
Joerg>   "post" section of the spec file, and then stop the server.
Joerg>   Then, the old binaries will be replaced by the new ones, as usual.
Joerg>   The "post" section will check that file entry:
Joerg>   If the server process was running before the upgrade, the new binaries
Joerg>   will be autostarted during the upgrade step.
Joerg>   If the server process had been stopped before the upgrade, no
Joerg>   autostart will be done, but the start/stop script will be entered into
Joerg>   the system - so as with installation, the server will be started on
Joerg>   the next reboot.
Joerg>   In short words: After an upgrade (via RPM), the MySQL server will be
Joerg>   running if and only if it was running before the upgrade.

Joerg> My questions to all interested observers, both inside and outside the
Joerg> company:

Joerg> - Do you agree to this behaviour, or do you see any problems with it?

Looks very good.

Joerg> - I would like to introduce the changed upgrade policy with the next
Joerg>   release builds in 5.1 and 5.5 after this change got approved,
Joerg>   but introduce the changed installation policy in 5.5 only.
Joerg>   My reasoning is that not autostarting on installation is a functional
Joerg>   change (however desirable), but not autostarting a stopped server (on
Joerg>   upgrade) is a bug fix.
Joerg>   If there are any objections to this, I would like to hear of them,
Joerg>   rather than disappoint you later.

Ok with me.

Bug#27072 (Server autostart by RPM install/upgrade): Concept for a fixJoerg Bruehe11 Jun
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