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From:Patrick Galbraith Date:March 31 2010 11:50am
Subject:Re: Regarding Makefile in MySQL
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Yes, automake and autoconf are tools that are used to help manage source 
projects across a variety of *NIX platforms (and even work on msys/mingw 
on Windows). The configure script and you find in the MySQL 
source are generated by ./BUILD/ (from the top-level of the 

A good site for explaining autoconfig/automake a bit more I found is:*

*There are other sites as well, but that's a good start.

Hope this helps,


Karthik Gurukuntala wrote:
> Dear All,
>     I trying to understand the process of creating the Makefile for MySQL. Now that I
> have figured out that changing a variable in one Makefile of the project directory isn't
> changing the same in those in the sub-directories, I am unable to understand how to do the
> same. 
> I found this Googling about Makefile :
> <quote>
> -- a user input file to automake
> -- a user input file to autoconf
> autoconf generates configure from
> automake gererates from
> configure generates Makefile from
> </quote>
> I am not really sure about this process. But, however, yes, i did find that when I
> run ./configure, Makefile is created.
> And for MySQL, and configure are found in the extracted source. So, the
> 'autoxxxx' things are already performed by someone for us. 
> Now, I want to understand how the is written, is written and
> the tools involved for the same. 
> Regards,
> -Karthik
> P.S.: Thanks a ton for the previous queries' replies. They have been of great help. 
> I dint want to spam the list with thanking messages, so I take this opportunity to
> thank all those who promptly replied to my small,silly questions.
> Thanks again!
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