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From:Vladislav Vaintroub Date:February 28 2010 5:35pm
Subject:CMake worklog WL#5161 pushed
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those who already read it (this was posted to internal mailing list 
already), please ignore.

Last week pushed the CMake work into the externally visible 5.5 and 6.0 
based trees, e.g here . You can 
build MySQL Server with CMake on Unix platforms now (on Windows, it was 
already the case)
Our continuous integration system Pushbuild is building with CMake on  
many machines already.  I put some info on how to build  with CMake here so interested can now start compiling 
with it.

Some words about coexistence :
- you can still build with autotools as usual, on a box where cmake is 
not installed.
- On a box where cmake is installed
will build with CMake. (see also here  for description 
of how configure wrapper works) You can disable this behavior and force 
autotools build ,  setting environment variable HAVE_CMAKE to "no".
Note: The only reason behind configure wrapper was to get CMake builds 
running on cmake-agnostic Pushbuild, it does not  have features that are 
possible with normal CMake build (for example there is no out-of-source 
build) . Personally, I would not recommend to use configure wrapper as 
convenience feature. Using CMake natively, as described in  should be simple enough without any 

- Scripts that use BUILD/ and ./configure, e.g those i BUILD/ 
directory, will build with CMake too, if not disabled via HAVE_CMAKE=no.

Best regards,

CMake worklog WL#5161 pushedVladislav Vaintroub28 Feb