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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:February 22 2010 7:05pm
Subject:Re: Getting handler of a table
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Hi, Merve!

First: please don't write only to me, always cc: the list.
I am subscribed, so I'll see you mail there, and you may be sure I will,
because it won't be accidentally catched by my spam filter, or sorted
out in some obscure folder. Furthermore other subscribers (and MySQL
developers) will see your question and could reply if I will be not
available (e.g. I could be travelling).  Thank you.

On Feb 16, Merve Soner wrote:
> Dear Sergei,
> Thanks for your answer.
> I have a table which I do frequent inserts/deletes and another table
> which I hold all the data that has existed in the first table. Instead
> of using high level functions like triggers/procedures I thought that
> it would be faster to insert the data in bulks to the second table
> inside MySQL. That is why I need handler of the table.

I still think you're trying a wrong solution for your problem.

Did you try triggers and found them too slow ?

If you want to hack into the server, it would be much simpler for you to
simply dump all the data into a file, not into a table - you will avoid
all the problems with the locking. And you load this file into another
table periodically, from a cron job or with CREATE EVENT.

Also, you may want to look at 
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