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From:Stefan Hinz Date:February 15 2010 2:55pm
Subject:MySQL University session on February 18: Performance Schema:
Instrumenting Code
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Performance Schema: Instrumenting Code

This Thursday (February 18th, 17:00 UTC - note the different starting
time!), Marc Alff will present the brand new Performance Schema:
Instrumenting Code. Marc is the implementor of the Performance Schema
feature. His presentation will show how developers maintaining

    * the MySQL server code,
    * a storage engine,
    * or any type of plugin

can instrument the code to collect data for the new performance schema

For MySQL University sessions, point your browser to this page:

You need a browser with a working Flash plugin. You may register for a
Dimdim account, but you don't have to. (Dimdim is the conferencing
system we're using for MySQL University sessions. It provides integrated
voice streaming, chat, whiteboard, session recording, and more.)

MySQL University is a free educational online program for
engineers/developers. MySQL University sessions are open to anyone, not
just Sun employees. Sessions are recorded (slides and audio), so if you
can't attend the live session you can look at the recording anytime
after the session.

Here's the schedule for the upcoming weeks:

Here's the tentative list of upcoming sessions:

    * February 25: Securich - Security Plugin for MySQL (Darren Cassar)
    * March  4: MySQL Column Databases (Robin Schumacher)
    * March 11: Improving MySQL Full-Text Search (Kristofer Pettersson)

By the way, did I mention that we need more speakers to fill up the 2010
schedule? If you'd like to be a speaker, have a look at this blog post:


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MySQL University session on February 18: Performance Schema:Instrumenting CodeStefan Hinz15 Feb