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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:January 20 2010 6:14pm
Subject:Re: query cache extension
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Hi, Amila!

On Jan 20, Amila Liyanaarachchi wrote:
> Hi Sergei,
> First I tried to parse the incoming query before comparing with the
> QC, my intention was to keep the select list (with table aliases) and
> the column list in the where clause again with the table aliases. For
> simplicity I didn't handle the rest of the things possible to come is
> a query.  But I couldn't finish the implementation due to the tightly
> couple and complex nature of the QC implementation.
> Could you please give me few tips to go try it similar to what
> libmysqlclient does (as you suggested in your previous email).

Walk the execution of, say, mysql_use_result() API call, you will see
how to turn network packets into fields and their data.

But there is a misunderstanding. I did not *suggest* to do that. I only
noted that it could be done, technically, that way. But not everything
that could be done should be done. Working on network packet level,
although possible, is too complex and architecturally wrong. I
personally would never even consider implementing such a solution.
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