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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 11 2010 12:13am
Subject:re: myisam_use_mmap = 1 but still lots of [p]read()s
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>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Milkowski <milek@stripped> writes:

Robert> Hi,
Robert> Solaris 10 64bit x86, MySQL 5.1.41

Robert> Despite having myisam_use_mmap = 1 in my.cnf there are still lots of 
Robert> pread(), read() syscalls to myisam data files. I can see that mysql 
Robert> detected and honored (at least to some extend) the myisam_use_mmap 
Robert> setting as if I do: pmap PID_of_mysql I can see myisam files being 
Robert> mmaped like:


Robert> By looking at _mi_get_block_info() i can see at the beginning of the 
Robert> function that it is calling my_read() which in turn is calling read() 
Robert> syscall. It's a similar story with _mi_read_rnd_dynamic_record() function.
Robert> I haven't look closely at the code but it looks like changing the 
Robert> discussed two functions to do memcpy() from a mmaped region or even 
Robert> better set a pointer to mmap'ed region (assuming no modifications are 
Robert> done) shouldn't be that hard.

Robert> During peak hours I can see several hundreds read()/s, sometimes even 
Robert> more, and getting rid of all these syscalls would probably improve 
Robert> performance.

You are right;  Currently the myisam_use_mmap is not fully

Looking quickly at the mi_dynrec.c code, it looks like the following
functions needs to be fixed to get read of the reads:


Should not be that much work.

_mi_cmp_buffer() doesn't have to be changed as this is not used
by MySQL.
_mi_write_part_record() doens't have to be changed as the write calls
are only used when writing to a buffer that will be written to end of

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