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From:Yan Yu Date:December 23 2009 4:12am
Subject:RE: system_charset_info
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HI, Monty, 
thanks a LOT for all the information and tips!

Yan> the results from "describe [table name] would miss information on two columns:
> Type and Null Column.
Yan> e.g., result for "describe Columns;" returns the following:
Yan> +--------------------------+------+------+-----+---------+-------+
Yan> | Field                    | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
Yan> +--------------------------+------+------+-----+---------+-------+
Yan> | TABLE_CATALOG            |      |      |     | NULL    |       |
Yan> | TABLE_SCHEMA             |      |      |     |         |       |
Yan> | TABLE_NAME               |      |      |     |         |       |
Yan> | COLUMN_NAME              |      |      |     |         |       |
Yan> | ORDINAL_POSITION         |      |      |     | 0       |       |
Yan> | COLUMN_DEFAULT           |      |      |     | NULL    |       |

Yan> I have not been able to pinpoint the root cause yet, BUT after I change
Yan> one line of ST_FIELD_INFO columns_fields_info[] from

Yan> +  {"COLUMN_TYPE", 65535, MYSQL_TYPE_STRING, 0, 0, "Type", OPEN_FRM_ONLY},
Yan> to
Yan> -  {"COLUMN_TYPE", 5000, MYSQL_TYPE_STRING, 0, 0, "Type", OPEN_FRM_ONLY},

Yan> the problem seems gone.

Yan> My Q is:  would it be safe for me to make this change?

For your purpose, the above should be safe.

However, I need to look at what could cause the above display bug.
Please do keep me posted on this one if you find anything.  BTW, the above hack fixed the
display problem for the table created in the create.test. However 
those two columns are still missing with the command "describe columns".  It escaped me

Yan> (3) problems caused by conversion between different charsets. mb_wc() or wc_mb()
Yan> our system_charset uses latin1, and
Yan> "create.test"  includes the following SQL statement:
Yan> set names utf8;
Yan> create database
> имя_базы_в_кодировке_утф8_длиной_больше_чем_45;
Yan> use
> имя_базы_в_кодировке_утф8_длиной_больше_чем_45;
Yan> select database();

> "имя_базы_в_кодировке_утф8_длиной_больше_чем_45" was
> converted to unicode string internally.
Yan> it seems like either the conversion is mis-handled somewhere, or the conversion is
> missing in one direction. Would this be possible?

This could be becase of two reasons

- files_charset_info needs to be utf8.
- files_charset_info needs to be same as system_charset_info.

Bar, can you answer this one ?

Yan> somehow, the database name is represented internally as
Yan> "???_????_?_?????????_???8_??????_??????_???_45",
Yan> and this same string  is also returned back to the client for "select database();"
> command.
Yan> I do not know much about the unicode string, so not sure about the conversion
> code.

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