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From:Mats Kindahl Date:November 13 2009 8:53am
Subject:Re: Cross-platform build with CMake
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Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Vladislav Vaintroub <wlad@stripped> writes:
>> I have created a WL#5161 with a task dedicated to supporting a unified build
>> system 
>> based on CMake ( CMake has been in use for 3 years to
> I think a plan for a single build system is a really good thing. Thanks!
> CMake does seem a good candidate for this, for the reasons you mentioned. I
> learned that KDE builds with CMake, which makes me believe that CMake is now
> sufficiently flexible for this task (it was not when the original CMake files
> for Windows build were made).
> I think the main problem to keep in mind with CMake is that it is not possible
> to build a project using CMake without first installing CMake. This is in
> contrast with autotools; it _is_ possible to build MySQL from source tarball
> without installing autotools on the build machine (just like bison also is not
> needed).

Unless I have misunderstood something, using CPack would allow you to build a
source package for building without CMake installed.

> I seems to me that having a single build system outweights this
> disadvantage. But it is something to keep in mind once the switch to only
> CMake is made; one should then be somewhat conservative with requiring new
> versions of CMake, so that the required version is easily available also on
> older Linux distributions eg.
> I think the ability for as many as possible to easily build from source is
> quite important.


Best wishes,
Mats Kindahl

Mats Kindahl
Senior Software Engineer
Database Technology Group
Sun Microsystems
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