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From:Reggie Burnett Date:November 12 2009 9:13pm
Subject:Re: Cross-platform build with CMake
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> Ok, so this replaces the win/configure.js ? Good!
> I guess a main part of the work now will be to implement all of the options
> from the autotools build system for CMake? Well maybe not _all_ of them, there
> is probably a lot of old cruft in there that could be cleaned up.
> One suggestion would be to use the ./configure style options to be more
> similar with the existing build system. It was a bit of a mistake when I wrote
> the original CMake stuff (with Reggie) that the Windows options got different
> names from the autotools options :-(. Seems like now would be a good time to
> fix this?
I'll have to take full responsibility for that as I alone was the 
original author of our cmake scripts.  I didn't concern myself with 
making the names the same as I really never imagined that the linux 
folks would be willing to give up their autotools.  I still am not sure 
they are but I am maintaining hope.   Ever since that day in Prague when 
I first started planning a completely different Windows build system I 
have hoped that one day we could replace autotools with it.  Maybe now 
is the time....

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