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From:Kristian Nielsen Date:November 2 2009 1:51pm
Subject:Re: DECIMAL broken in information_schema by patch for Bug#45261
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Davi Arnaut <Davi.Arnaut@stripped> writes:

> Sorry for the delay on responding, I was on vacation for most of Oct.

Sure, thanks for getting back to me on this!

Interesting timing ... just this morning, Monty committed a small patch to the
MariaDB tree that seems to fix this particular problem in the MariaDB tree (if
anyone is interested the commit mail is here:

>> Note that the old code uses item->max_length to set the precision, so the
>> precision will be set from the _type_ (metadata) of the Item.
> Kind of. max_length is not really supposed to be type metadata as can
> been seen in the constructor and other methods of Item_decimal. In
> spite of this, this thing is quite messy as max_length can be used to
> "stuff" things that are correlated but depend on other components of
> the item. For example, the integer part and decimal part are
> represented in the length, but if one of those is updated via another
> source (eg Item::decimals), its not possible to properly interpret
> max_length.
> I think that the real problem lies in create_schema_table which
> violates any sense of interface and updates the item attributes by
> hand. This used to work as things were broken in conjunction.

> For the time being, I plan to revert Bug#45261 as it also caused other
> regressions for things that are not exactly right either. Better to
> work on a extended patch for a later milestone.



 - Kristian.
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