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From:Peter Gulutzan Date:October 28 2009 8:47pm
Subject:Re: Profiler
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On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 04:37:01PM +0200, Patrick Lau wrote:
> Im wondering if there is such a thing like gprofiler or sunprofiler to
> measure the processing cost in cpu cycles or milliseconds for mysql...
> , memory usage and so on...
> Thanks for anwsers/hints in advance,

You can of course use any profiling tool available on your platform.

Since you ask specifically about cycles or milliseconds for MySQL:

The Performance Schema feature in an upcoming MySQL version will
supply timings of various low-level procedures in cycles, nanoseconds,
microseconds, milliseconds or ticks.

Some work is also going on with DTrace for Solaris etc.


Peter Gulutzan
Database Group / MySQL
Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc.
Edmonton, AB, Canada
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