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From:Masood Mortazavi Date:October 21 2009 3:29pm
Subject:Re: Contribution: fix for BUG#42742
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Hi Anna -

*You* need to *update* your profile on with an appropriate
e-mail address of your own (which you say is sca@stripped) that
you would use regularly to communicate on the forum.  (*We cannot do
this update for you.*)

If you have lost your password for your profile and do not know how to
reset it or rest your e-mail address properly, you may have to
re-register and create a *new* profile for yourself. (I know the
e-mail you associated with your old profile was the one you used at
Sun|MySQL to which you no longer have access.)

(All this means that you may have to re-register on the forum because
your old profile used your Sun|MySQL e-mail address, and I'm not sure
how password resetting works on the forum given that you no longer
have access to that e-mail.)

You can do this update/renewal/recreation of your registered profile
on the or on any other forum belonging to

It is an understood ***requirement*** for contributors on
forums to have an updated and valid profile and with a valid e-mail
address of their own.

Please comply to this requirement ASAP.

Finally, and again, this is not about our informing Liz or anyone
else. It is about *your* updating/renewing your registered (
... forge/mysql/bugs db) profile and confirming that you've done so.

Please update/renew/recreate (whichever applies) your registered
profile ASAP and let us know that you have done so as soon as you do


On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 2:51 AM, Michael Widenius <monty@stripped> wrote:
> Hi!
>>>>>> "Masood" == Masood Mortazavi <masoodmortazavi@stripped>
> writes:
> Masood> Hi Anna -
> Masood> Thanks for the clarification.
> Masood> Now, I'm really really confused what e-mail address you're using for
> Masood> your communications on this and similar forums. Are you
> Masood> using Monty's e-mail address to communicate on this forum or
> Masood> sca@stripped or some other address?
> Sorry, I was, like in this case, using Monty's email client to answer
> the email, as he notified me of the issue
> Masood> (With this e-mail, we've now asked you multiple time to update your
> Masood> user profile and use an e-mail alias that is consistent and unique for
> Masood> your user profile on forge and bugs db, and only use that e-mail alias
> Masood> to communicate on these forums.)
> Sorry, but I thought that would not be needed just to attribute code
> to Sun.  The signature should have made it clear who sent the email,
> the fact that I was using Monty's email client to save time should
> not have been important.
> Masood> As I noted, and because of confusions like this, it is extremely
> Masood> important (and indeed a requirement) that you  (as an SCA signatory
> Masood> and contributor) use a consistent e-mail address which should also be
> Masood> possible to identify with your forums (bugs db, forge,
> Masood> internals) profile. It should be transparent what e-mails or bugs
> Masood> reports, etc., you've posted to the forums when.
> Which is what was used for the contributed code.
> Masood> Otherwise, we'll run into problems like this, again and again --
> Masood> something we wish to avoid.
> Masood> So, please send, ASAP, this information (i.e. the unique e-mail
> Masood> address you are activating to correspond to your forums'
> Masood> user profile) to Liz D. so we can update our SCA signatory database
> Masood> and so that you can be identified (by other contributors and
> Masood> participants as well as by us) when you use your unique e-mail alias
> Masood> to communicate on these forums.
> I am using sca@stripped
> Please be kind and forward this to her.
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