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From:Masood Mortazavi Date:October 21 2009 6:58am
Subject:Re: Contribution: fix for BUG#42742
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Hi Anna -

Thanks for the clarification.

Now, I'm really really confused what e-mail address you're using for
your communications on this and similar forums. Are you
using Monty's e-mail address to communicate on this forum or
sca@stripped or some other address?

(With this e-mail, we've now asked you multiple time to update your
user profile and use an e-mail alias that is consistent and unique for
your user profile on forge and bugs db, and only use that e-mail alias
to communicate on these forums.)

As I noted, and because of confusions like this, it is extremely
important (and indeed a requirement) that you  (as an SCA signatory
and contributor) use a consistent e-mail address which should also be
possible to identify with your forums (bugs db, forge,
internals) profile. It should be transparent what e-mails or bugs
reports, etc., you've posted to the forums when.

Otherwise, we'll run into problems like this, again and again --
something we wish to avoid.

So, please send, ASAP, this information (i.e. the unique e-mail
address you are activating to correspond to your forums'
user profile) to Liz D. so we can update our SCA signatory database
and so that you can be identified (by other contributors and
participants as well as by us) when you use your unique e-mail alias
to communicate on these forums.

This is not simply a procedural matter. In fact, violating this
principle is violating the etiquette of participation on this forum as
a SCA signatory and contributor.


On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 6:51 PM, Michael Widenius <monty@stripped> wrote:
> Hi!
>>>>>> "Masood" == Masood Mortazavi <masoodmortazavi@stripped>
> writes:
> Masood> Hi Anna,
> Masood> Is this your contribution or is it Sergey Petrunya's?
> Yes, it's mine.
> Masood> Sergey Petrunya has not signed the SCA but you have.
> Masood> I'm sure you know that we can only accept contributions from those
> Masood> persons who have signed the SCA (Sun Contributor's Agreement) and who
> Masood> can grant rights to the code they are submitting.
> Sergey Petrunya has given me a shared copyright to the patch. I
> submitted the code, now owned by me, to you, so everthing should be in
> order.
> Masood> Regards,
> Masood> Masood
> Masood> P.S.
> Masood>    Anna, in all of the above, I'm assuming "sca@stripped" is
> your
> Masood> e-mail alias because that is the e-mail address you gave us when you
> Masood> signed the SCA.
> That is right.
> Masood>    By the way, did you update your registration with
> Masood>    If not, please do so immediately so that this e-mail alias
> points
> Masood> to your profile, and it is clear who owns it.
> Masood>    (I believe Liz Drachnik has already sent you an e-mail
> request to
> Masood> do so when we accepted your signed SCA.)
> Will do.
> Good hunting,
> Anna
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