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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:October 20 2009 5:10pm
Subject:Re: Unit testing
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Hi, Kristian!

On Oct 20, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Jay Pipes <Jay.Pipes@stripped> writes:
> > I think having mysqltest for the functional SQL testing is necessary
> > and there isn't a comparable framework for that kind of testing "out
> > in the open".  On the contrast, there are many quality unit testing
> > libraries in the open source space.
> Yes, we need two. But three? supports TAP - test anything protocol.
TAP does not specify what language or framework is used for writing unit

Googletest is a set of classes to write unit tests in C++.
If the resulting binary can produce TAP compatible output (and Tor has
solved that, now it can) then make test-unit will automatically pick up
all googletest unit tests.

I'm not going to argue that googletest is better that libmytap, but I
can believe that it is.

So, it'll still be two "test suites" - mysql-test/ (using mysql-test-run
driver) and unittest/ (using driver and TAP protocol).
Regards / Mit vielen Grüßen,

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