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From:Giuseppe Maxia Date:September 16 2009 11:52am
Subject:Re: Contribution: Fix for BUG#42742
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Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Masood Mortazavi <masoodmortazavi@stripped> writes:
>> The SCA is clear that when SCA signatories post to Sun sponsored
>> discussion lists such as MySQL internals and bugs db, such posts are
>> contributions under the SCA.  At the same time, you always have the
>> freedom of posting somewhere else if you do not want your material to
>> be treated as a contribution.
> Giuseppe Maxia <Giuseppe.Maxia@stripped> writes:
>> Theoretically, it shouldn't be any problem, from what AskMonty says about
>> the SCA.
> Just to make things clear: the particular problem in this case with the SCA is
> that the _contributer_ does not feel that the SCA is sufficiently clear about
> limiting the scope of exactly which development related to MySQL is
> contributed to Sun and which is not.
> This is the reason that the MCA adds an explicit clarification:
>   "Each submission must explicitly be marked that it's donated under the MCA."
> Now, in general I see other serious problems with both the SCA and MCA, and I
> do not really feel like defending either of them. But for this (and similar)
> small contributions, a clarification of the above point would greatly improve
> the attractiveness of contributing under the SCA.
> Hope this helps,
>  - Kristian.

Thanks. Excellent point. I personally concur. However, you understand that
in the present situation, pending the acquisition outcome, we can't change
the license.



Giuseppe Maxia, MySQL Community Team Lead
Sun Microsystems,
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