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From:Giuseppe Maxia Date:September 16 2009 8:44am
Subject:Re: Contribution: Fix for BUG#42742
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Vladimir Shebordaev wrote:
> 2009/9/16 Masood Mortazavi <masoodmortazavi@stripped>:
>> Hi Sergey!
>> Thank you very much for your proposed contribution and interest in
>> MySQL here, which we always welcome. (It is good to see you continue
>> to be interested in MySQL after your recent move.)
>> Please note that, as with all Sun open source projects (such as
>> OpenSolaris and Java), Sun requires contributors to MySQL to sign the
>> Sun Contributor Agreement (SCA) except in the case of trivial bug
>> fixes that only require a small change.
>> Having an SCA in effect will enable and facilitate discussion
>> regarding your ideas and allows us to accept code contributions to
>> MySQL, through the internals and bugs db system.
> Hm-m.. I wonder would you give the same explanations to Monty if he
> wanted to contribute himself? :)

Theoretically, it shouldn't be any problem, from what AskMonty says about
the SCA.
"Where did the MCA come from?

The MCA is based on Sun's Contributor Agreement. We think it is one of the
best contributor agreements around!"


Giuseppe Maxia, MySQL Community Team Lead
Sun Microsystems,
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