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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 16 2009 1:48pm
Subject:re: EXECUTE and PREPARE - last minute issue
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>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph Lukas <jlukas79@stripped> writes:

Joseph> I am having last minute issues with these 2 statements.   I have spent  
Joseph> most of the day looking at the issue but have not had any luck solving  
Joseph> it.  If the prepared statements contain a SET STATEMENT they will work  
Joseph> fine.

Joseph> However when you put something like SET STATEMENT var1 = X FOR EXECUTE  
Joseph> mystatement1;  I get errors/crash.  After working on it for most of  
Joseph> the day I have determined that the error is caused by the Items being  
Joseph> removed.  The pointers become invalid and forces a crash. The set_var,  
Joseph> and sys_var's both stay valid from my set_var list used by the reset  
Joseph> function only the Items containing the values disappear.

The reason for this is that MySQL automaticly deletes all items after
the end of the statement.

Can you provide us with what exactly goes wrong ?

In your case, there is some things you can do:

- Ensure that you don't call free_items() in the middle of a statement.

- If you want to remember items over several statements, like we do
  with prepare, you need to provide your own memroot for the duration
  of your items. See Prepared_statement::prepare().


EXECUTE and PREPARE - last minute issueJoseph Lukas16 Aug
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