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From:Jay Pipes Date:July 8 2009 12:39pm
Subject:Re: Fwd: ANSI Isolation Level vs. InnoDB consistent read implementation
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Guilhem Bichot wrote:
> Xuekun Hu a écrit, Le 08.07.2009 02:39:
>> 2. If so, REPEATABLE-READ can protect against the all four secenaria.
>> Why need SERIALIZABLE again, or what is the purpose of SERIALIZABLE to
>> convert all plain SELECT statements to SELECT ... LOCK IN SHARE MODE?
> REPEATABLE READ never uses next-key locking for SELECT.
> So, to protect your SELECTs from phantoms, you need to switch to 

This is incorrect.  Please see manual:

"By default, InnoDB operates in REPEATABLE READ transaction isolation 
level and with the innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog  system variable 
disabled. In this case, InnoDB uses next-key locks for searches and 
index scans, which prevents phantom rows"