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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:July 4 2009 7:56am
Subject:Re: More bazaar issues
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Hi, Joseph!

On Jul 03, Joseph Lukas wrote:
> Bazaar launchpad
> Well so far I waited to what I thought was uploading my changes to
> launchpad in my personal folder setup.  I checked the code and it
> listed none of my changes at all. I figure this was from the fact I
> used a checkout instead of full branch as it had random changes and no
> marker from me.  So I am attempting to make a new branch and moving my
> changed files over. This is taking much longer than expected and is
> getting frustrating as expected.  If it does not work I lost another
> day of work and I am getting fed up with bazaar. Using commit would
> not work and neither would unbind as in googling how to convert it to
> a full branch no steps would work at all. I tried bind and switch and
> keep getting errors all over. I will try and list a patch but I am not
> feeling like it is going to go far.

I see :(
I suppose you've used cvs or svn but never tried distributed
systems before. It's indeed may be confusing that although they're
similar some concepts are different.

strange that unbidn doesn't help, it should be able to convert a
checkout to a branch.

but of course, now when you have your tree on launchpad, you can simply
branch it and work from there. move your changes from your current
working tree with a patch, commit, push, and so on.

if you'd like you can find me on #mysql-dev channel of freenode
(irc:// and we do it step by step.

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