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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 30 2009 9:35pm
Subject:Re: [style] [annc] Coding style update
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>>>>> "Konstantin" == Konstantin Osipov <kostja@stripped> writes:

>> Why is the developer community outside of Sun not properly represented ?

Konstantin> This group contains one representative from each technical
Konstantin> team/area. WRT community involvement, teams select their
Konstantin> representatives, they are not assigned by Sun managers.

Konstantin> I fully expect there to be agreement within technical teams
Konstantin> which member of the team is part of the committee.

I am quite sure this isn't true (:

Also, the different size of teams makes voting unclear.

Konstantin> I disagree that community outside Sun is not properly represented. 

I think that by being part of the committee, you have no right to
claiming this.

What is clear that there is no other open source project that I know
of that does decisions regarding coding style in this manner.

Konstantin> Perhaps, those who're the loudest are not represented :-> 
Konstantin> SergeyP, for example, is now at Monty Program AB, and is part of
Konstantin> the committee. 

>> Why doesn't everyone that is affected by this change have the right to
>> vote ?

Konstantin> I'm afraid I don't understand how this can ever be possible.

This is what we did before and I know you where there so don't play ignorant.
This is also how other projects, like PostgreSQL, drizzle etc is doing

Konstantin> You can find more details here:

I did read this, but this included no information about:
- Why the reason for the change
- Arguments for and against
- What resarch was done
- How does other projects do it
- Why was the reason for the original code structure.
- How much extra work this change will cause us
  (changing old code, failed merges, harder to backport code etc)


>> By the way, have you checked that the windows C++ editor supports the
>> suggested style at all ?

Konstantin> Yes.

Good, but why was this not said in the propsal.


>> In some part it's good that there is a committee for coding style
>> changes as I think it's their job to ensure that the above is done,
>> either by getting someone to do it or by doing it themselves.
>> If you don't do this, you will never get a new code style used as
>> people will always copy code from one place to another and there will
>> be new code with the old style.

Konstantin> I can not answer this, and some other questions of this email, sorry.
Konstantin> It's an endless debate of "who makes the decision", which I at
Konstantin> this point refuse to participate in. I'm happy enough at this
Konstantin> point the problem is moving forward, albeit it's perhaps not an
Konstantin> ideal solution.

Actually, things are moving backward as developers and creators are
not heard or ignored and we establish new processes that ignores
the outside community and are not working according to established
rules in normal open source communities.

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