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From:Rick James Date:June 10 2009 6:24pm
Subject:RE: making "insert delayed" like normal "insert"
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I'll vote for the philosophy that "Hints that don't apply, or that are
deliberately ignored, should be silently ignored."  Perhaps "silent"
could be interpreted as "not an ERROR, but optionally a WARNING".  Some

USE INDEX might be totally silent, but
FORCE INDEX, when it cannot use that index, might give a WARNING.
(Etc, for FOR GROUP BY)

SQL_CACHE could be totally silent if query_cache_type=OFF.

LEFT JOIN is turned into JOIN is some situation.  There is no ERROR or
WARNING that 'LEFT' is irrelevant.  (Ok, maybe this can't be considered
a 'hint'.)

INT(5) -- I wish this would elicit a WARNING.  Usually that syntax comes
from a novice who has not learned about SMALLINT.

Rick James
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> From: Zardosht Kasheff [mailto:zardosht@stripped] 
> Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 7:22 AM
> To: internals@stripped
> Subject: making "insert delayed" like normal "insert"
> Hello,
> I tried to execute an insert delayed command on an InnoDB table in
> 5.1.35, and received the following error:
> ERROR 1616 (HY000): DELAYED option not supported for table 'foo'
> I know that InnoDB does not support "insert delayed", but the
> following comment in led me to
> believe that InnoDB would ignore the DELAYED key word and treat it
> like a normal insertion.
> What the manual really should say is that InnoDB no longer
> issues an error for INSERT DELAYED. What happens is that
> InnoDB ignores the DELAYED keyword and processes the
> statement. The row isn't actually delayed.
> I realize that bug 5777 is 5 years old, but it seems that the behavior
> has changed over time.
> As a storage engine developer, we would like to have the intended
> behavior above. We would like for "insert DELAYED" statements to work
> like normal "insert" statements. The reason is so that users currently
> using "insert delayed" will not need to change their scripts to be
> compatible with our storage engine.
> Is there anyway to currently do this?
> Thanks
> -Zardosht
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