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From:Marc Alff Date:June 5 2009 3:05pm
Subject:Re: Profiling a storage engine
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Hi Slava

Slava Akhmechet wrote:
> Hi,
> We're at a point where we need to understand performance bottlenecks
> of our storage engine and we're not sure how to proceed. What is the
> best way to do profiling? We are running benchmarks that compare our
> performance, cpu utilization, and IO throughput to MyISAM. We're also
> using procsystime to give us a picture of how much time we spend on
> various system calls. However, we're not sure how to best make sense
> of the numbers. We'd like to run gprof, but we're not sure how to
> compile MySQL to support it, and whether it will give realistic
> numbers.
> We'd appreciate if anyone could share their experience on how to
> effectively profile a storage engine.
It will depend on your version and your platform.

Since you use procsystime, I suppose you might be
on a platform where you can take advantage of the
DTrace hooking that's in MySQL 5.4. That's worth a
look because it's performance-oriented and will be main.

For anything that might run on Linux or Windows,
or requires monitoring with lower overhead than DTrace,
I expect that the future lies with Performance Schema.
I will be happy to answer questions about using this.
The rest of this email is simply a bunch of
pointers to publicly available blogs, source code,
and specifications.

Blog postings in order of appearance:

Source code of server including Performance Schema:

WL#2360: Performance Schema
WL#2515: Performance statements
WL#3249: SHOW PROCESSLIST should show memory
WL#4674: PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA Setup For Actors
WL#4678: PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA Instrumenting File IO
WL#4813 PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA Instrumenting Stages
WL#4895: PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA Instrumenting Table IO
WL#4896: PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA Instrumenting Net IO

-- Marc

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