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From:Vyacheslav Akhmechet Date:May 16 2009 7:28am
Subject:rnd_init()/index_init() interleaving behavior
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Are calls to rnd_init and index_init ever interleaved? That is, could
there be a situation in which index_init is called after rnd_init but
prior to rnd_end? Similarly, could rnd_init be called between the
calls to index_init and index_end?

The reason I'm asking is that I always access the data through an
index (rnd_next just walks the index), and the act of walking the
index requires a cursor/iterator-type object. I want to know if I can
get away with a single cursor object per handler instance, or if I'll
have to maintain multiple simultaneous cursors (one for
rnd_init/rnd_next/rnd_end series, one for
index_init/index_next/index_end, etc.)

- Slava
rnd_init()/index_init() interleaving behaviorVyacheslav Akhmechet16 May
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