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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:May 12 2009 6:02pm
Subject:Re: Port of MySQL 5.0.75 to Stratus OpenVOS
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Hi, Paul!

On May 12, Green, Paul wrote:
> The purpose of this note is to inform you that Stratus
> Technologies has successfully ported MySQL Community Server,
> Release 5.0.75, to its Stratus OpenVOS Operating System, Release
> 17.0.1aq.


[skip, skip] 

> We encountered just a few compatibility issues with the MySQL
> code while porting it to OpenVOS.  Listed roughly in descending
> order of importance, they are:

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Most of these fixes, I believe, we'd like to apply.
But to do that we need to have an SCA from, I believe, your company.
This is a change as compared to my reply back in May 2006
"we'll ... apply [your changes]"

> As this was a large effort and covered many different issues,
> and since many of the issues were due to variations in the
> OpenVOS implementation from de-facto industry standards, I don't
> feel it is appropriate to request that the bulk of these changes
> be applied to the source code base.  Instead, I will simply
> single out a few key changes that I think you might find useful.
> I will be happy to work with you to extract diffs for just these
> changes if you wish to pursue them.  I welcome a dialogue; it is
> hard for me to know which changes you might find useful.
>      1.   Recognizing the OpenVOS platform.
>      2.   Separating the build tree from the source tree.
>      3.   Correcting 32-bit vs. 64-bit issues.
>      4.   Not mangling pathnames that contain % characters.
>      5.   Support for a big-endian Intel implementation.
>      6.   Consistent treatment of executable suffixes.

Yes, certainly. Most of these simply qualify as bugs.
> That this effort was even possible, much less successful, is a
> tribute to the dedication to portability that is evident in the
> MySQL source code base.  Thank you for the work you have done to
> make the code portable and thank you for offering this code
> under the GNU General Public License.

Thank you for your efforts!
Could you please submit a bugreport at ?
We track all contributions in the bugdb.
You can simply paste this your mail into it, or just a part of it with
short introduction and urls.
> I reported on my previous porting attempt at:

Yes, I remember that :)

Regards / Mit vielen Grüßen,

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