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From:Kristian Nielsen Date:May 8 2009 5:53am
Subject:Re: sub_select and evaluate_join_record continue increasing issue
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"Fang, Xiang" <xiang.fang@stripped> writes:

> When I running a workload(olio) with MySQL 6.0 falcon engine, I find when time goes
> the CPU utilization of MySQL server continue increasing to 100%, while the pressure from
> client is almost same. I want to know why this issue is happened, so I collect functions
> called number every 30 seconds. By looking the called number trend graph, please see the
> detail data and graph in attached excel file. 
> The following functions called number continue increasing during the run before the
> CPU reach 100%.
> IndexPage::findSupernode
> Cach::fetchPage
> evaluate_join_record
> Dbb::handoffPage	
> IndexPage::findNodeInBranch	
> IndexRootPage::scanIndex	
> IndexPage::findNodeInLeaf	
> IndexRootPage::findRoot	
> findLeaf	
> StorageTable::indexScan	
> sub_select	
> StorageInterface::index_read	
> Index::scanIndex	
> join_read_key2	

You should probably write a bit about what your workload does.

Eg. if it inserts data into a database that is empty at start, this would not
seem so strange. All of these functions sound related to reading the indexes,
so as the database size grows and the index cardinality and tree depth
increases, increased time spent on index read would be expected.

 - Kristian.
sub_select and evaluate_join_record continue increasing issue Xiang Fang8 May
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