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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:May 7 2009 5:24pm
Subject:Re: allow changing of session variables temporarily in a query
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Hi, jlukas79!

On May 07, jlukas79@stripped wrote:
> Hi

> currently I had a weekend detour for a slight issue. I got the book
> on Tuesday (took longer to ship than  expected) so far I have mainly
> covered the MySQL structure, and some of the  initialization, start-up
> methods while skipping the TCP/Networking sections. I am looking  to
> focus, and finish the section on the parser, and optimizer today with
> a  peak at the code base that I currently have installed. I believe
> that these are  the main sections that I will need to deal with. I
> will also try and look at security handling as this may cause some
> impact as well. So far I am  planning on skipping the remaining
> sections such as the table operations UPDATE  and the others internal
> branches. Do you think besides the optimizer, and parser  that any
> other sections will have an impact that I should know?

let's see...
You can skip chapters 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12.
You can skip the optimizer part in the chapter 9.
Security handling will unlikely be an issue either.
The rest of the book could be useful to look through, especially the chapter
6, parser part of the chapter 9, THD and utility calls description in
the chapter 3.

> * location of where reserved words are defined
> if you could point me in a direction would be helpful. I hope to
> locate this soon either in the book or elsewhere. Thus far I assume so
> far the parser would handle this in how it builds the tree, not
> entirely sure yet  if that is the location of the definitions though.
> The parser though would  have to retrieve the list I would think to
> properly parse.


> * study how MySQL parses the SQL statements for execution : book
> should  answer this today hopefully will ask if I need any other
> information (book is  actually a good read)
> * what type of data structure would be passed to my created function
> (I  imagine this will be answered in the book as well based on
> parsing)

yes, and check how SET statement is parsed now, for example

  SET GLOBAL sort_buffer_size=1000000

you can also enable parser debugging if you build a debug binary and run
it with the -#d,parser_debug
> * identify session variables
> This is my goal for Friday as this should be the easiest part of the
> week.

> Current focus has been to finish the book and go through more of the
> documents on the MySQL development site. This may answer some of the
> above questions before trying large chunks of code to point me in
> better  directions of the actual code base.
> Also I currently have a version of 6.0 on my system should this be the
> code base I work from or should I program for a different release?

correct, it should be 6.0

> I will check into the SCA I believe I signed it though. That is the
> sun agreement right?

Yes, it is. The details are here:

I know that you've signed it when you name will be here:
but it's not there yet.
Regards / Mit vielen Grüßen,

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allow changing of session variables temporarily in a querySergei Golubchik7 May
Re: allow changing of session variables temporarily in a querySergei Golubchik7 May