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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 6 2009 1:14pm
Subject:re: [style] change proposal: switch exception
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>>>>> "Konstantin" == Konstantin Osipov <kostja@stripped> writes:

Konstantin> Hello Ingo,
Konstantin> * Ingo Strüwing <Ingo.Struewing@stripped> [09/03/13 19:22]:

>> I propose to get rid of the "switch exception" regarding the opening
>> brace. I propose to write new code so that the opening brace is put on
>> its own line below the switch keyword.

Konstantin> Thank you for this proposal, I didn't notice it at first. 
Konstantin> As long as there is at least one person who's disturbed
Konstantin> by the current behaviour, I think it's a good idea to change it
Konstantin> -- it's hard to explain why switch () is the only statement in our
Konstantin> style for which we write an opening brace at the same line.
Konstantin> The exception can be hard to keep in mind, enforce during reviews,
Konstantin> etc.

I would be VERY disturbed with the change.

To make a point, you should *never* do a code change decisions without
having a broad backing for it (ie, have heard +20 developers).

The implications of fixing all code to adhere to it and all the merge
problems it will give, are serious indeed to not do decisions like
this lightly.

Konstantin> I'm sure Monty had a reason, but none of us nowadays knows about it.

There was several emails discussions about this in the past and then
we agreed the current

I just gave an answer to this that explains why the current style is
better than then proposed one.

Konstantin> I will bring up this proposal to the committee, and I hope they
Konstantin> won't consider it too minor for their attention.

Konstantin> Meanwhile, if anyone else has an educated opinion, please don't
Konstantin> hesitate to tell. You can count at least me and Ingo, we'll be
Konstantin> interested.

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