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From:Kristian Nielsen Date:March 26 2009 7:17am
Subject:Re: g4 annotate and mysql branches in launchpad
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MARK CALLAGHAN <mdcallag@stripped> writes:

> I am trying to understand the output of 'g4 annotate' for
> lp:mysql-server/6.0. My guess is that the three part revision numbers
> (2599.281.53)  are from the pre-bzr source control system. Is there
> any way for the general public to get the details of those commits?

All of the history should be in there. What makes you think it is not?

    $ bzr log --show-ids -r2599.281.53 | head -10
    revno: 2599.281.53
    revision-id: alik@stripped
    parent: guilhem@stripped
    parent: sergefp@stripped
    committer: Alexander Nozdrin <alik@stripped>
    branch nick: 6.0-maria
    timestamp: Sun 2008-12-14 14:36:15 +0300
      Pull from 6.0

> 2599.281.53  alik@su |     rows=
> tab->table->file->multi_range_read_info(tab->ref.key, 10, 20,
> 2599.281.53  alik@su |
>   &bufsz, &flags, &cost);
> 2599.281.53  alik@su |     if ((rows != HA_POS_ERROR) && !(flags &
> 2599.281.53  alik@su |         (!(flags & HA_MRR_NO_ASSOCIATION) ||
> cache_level > 6) &&

In general, I would not look too closely at the revision numbers of bzr, as
they are more or less meaningless; they can change whenever a merge is
done. Use revision ids instead for stability.

 - Kristian.
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