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From:Nihal Dindar Date:March 2 2009 2:35pm
Subject:Re: Skeleton Engine with gdb
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I guess I solved the problem with safe malloc but this time I have a problem with DBG_ON.
Although I have 


in the of my custom engine and I know that mysql runs in debugging mode, I
have this error:

Can't open shared library '/.../mysql_debug/lib/mysql/' (errno: 22
undefined symbol: _db_pargs_)

How can I check where the problem is?


Sergei Golubchik wrote:
> Hi, Nihal!
> On Feb 25, Nihal Dindar wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> Thank you for your help. I built skeleton with safemalloc by adding
>> into src/ but I still get the same error when I try to install
>> the plugin.
> Well, that means you haven't built your server with safemalloc.
> In the include/my_sys.h:
>   #ifdef SAFEMALLOC
>     ...
>     #define my_free(PTR,FLAG) _myfree((PTR), __FILE__, __LINE__,FLAG)
>     ...
>   #else
>     ...
>     extern void my_no_flags_free(void *ptr);
>     ...
>     #define my_free(PTR,FG) ((void)FG,my_no_flags_free(PTR))
>     ...
>   #endif
> You you have SAFEMALLOC defined, you don't see my_no_flags_free().
> Try gcc -dDI -E, it often helps in cases like this.
>> Sergei Golubchik wrote:
>>> On Feb 20, Nihal Dindar wrote:
>>>> I am using Ubuntu 8.04 and mysql-6.0.3-alpha. I want to use gdb (GNU
>>>> Project Debugger) with Skeleton engine. However, when I install
>>>> mysql with gdb I can not install plugin for skeleton engine. Mysql
>>>> gives ERROR 1126 (HY000): Cant open shared library
>>>> .../ (errno: 2 undefined symbol:
>>>> my_no_flags_free) error although skeleton lib files are in the
>>>> plugin directory. Do you have any ideas?
>>> You have a plugin built w/o safemalloc, while your server is built with
>>> safemalloc.
> Regards / Mit vielen Grüßen,
> Sergei

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