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From:Rick James Date:February 18 2009 5:22pm
Subject:RE: comments and query cache
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It is possible that someone, today, is changing a comment in order to
bypass the QC.  This would be an incompatible change for them.  However,
the benefit might outweigh the drawback.

It would be nice if your change could cut back on the frequency or time
taken to lock the QC; this is becoming a non-trivial performance issue
in these days of 8-core SMP machines.

Rick James
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> Subject: re: comments and query cache
> Hi!
> >>>>> "Eric" == Eric  <esquid2@stripped> writes:
> Eric> Hi All-
> Eric> AFAICT, query comments are used as part of the hash key 
> for query cache (at
> Eric> least in 5.0).  Is this intentional?  Still the case in 
> newer versions of
> Eric> mysql?
> Yes;  It's mainly for speed but also because comments can affect the
> way queries are executed (if you use optimizer hints)
> <cut>
> Eric> I have a patch (attached) to strip comments before 
> checking and storing the
> Eric> query into the query cache but wanted to see if this 
> was a reasonable way to
> Eric> do it.  Also, I couldn't find a very reasonable 
> function to strip comments.
> Eric> (The one in innobase/hash/hash0hash.c seemed the best, 
> but I imagine it is
> Eric> not fit to include so I copied it just to get my 
> proof-of-concept working
> Eric> until/if something better is decided.)
> Don't know of any other function to do that.
> Eric> If this seems useful and reasonable, is there a better 
> way to get the
> Eric> comments stripped?  Should I implement my own?  (Should 
> be able to be done
> Eric> in the existing char* without allocating any new memory, right?)
> If you *only* strip safe comments (not using the /*!...*/ syntax you
> can strip it in the original memory.
> Eric> Does
> Eric> InnoDB (what we use) or any other engine depend on the 
> comments in any way
> Eric> (I know oracle puts query hints in there)?  How should 
> this behavior be
> Eric> enabled since I imagine not everyone will want the 
> runtime v. cache hit
> Eric> tradeoff.  ./configure option?  my.cnf?  a dynamic variable?
> You should have this either as a dynamic variable or a connection
> option.  This is to not cause an extra parsing overhead in the case
> where comments are static for the query.
> Regards,
> Monty
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