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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 20 2002 7:49am
Subject:Bitkeeper : What does this means ?
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>>>>> "Jocelyn" == Jocelyn Fournier <joc@stripped> writes:

Jocelyn> Hi,
Jocelyn> I'm just wondering if several warnings of this type are normal in the BK
Jocelyn> tree :

Jocelyn> Warning: key
Jocelyn> monty@stripped|BitKeeper/deleted/.del-__signal.h~5e14827a3b91a6db|200
Jocelyn> 20426061949|32721 is in
Jocelyn>         ChangeSet|1.676.1.330
Jocelyn>         but not in mit-pthreads/machdep/sco-3.2v5/posix/SCCS/s.__signal.h
Jocelyn> This file: mit-pthreads/machdep/sco-3.2v5/posix/SCCS/s.__signal.h
Jocelyn> was probably deleted in another repository, perhaps your parent.
Jocelyn> It is marked as gone but exists in your repository, missing some deltas.
Jocelyn> You may want to delete the file as well to be consistent with your parent.

The above comes from us deleting some files that had a wrong

To avoid the message, just delete the conflicting file or make a new


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