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From:Matthew Jenkins Date:February 9 2009 5:12pm
Subject:Parse Tree Question
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I am accessing the parse tree for a select query from within a storage 
engine, and can move along the item list to get the fields and the 
values. However, I cannot work out how to determine the predicate 
operator, so I can't see if it was a = or a !=. I get items of type 
FIELD_ITEM and FIELD_VARIANCE_ITEM. How can I see or test for all the 
possible operators (=, !=, like etc).

I have a feeling I will sheepishly say thanks when someone points out 
the obvious, but I need the blinkers removing first.

Many thanks,
Parse Tree QuestionMatthew Jenkins9 Feb
  • Re: Parse Tree QuestionSergei Golubchik9 Feb