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From:Kesava Poyyale Date:January 30 2009 6:54am
Subject:Re: STL, C++, Mysql Development?
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Hi ,

My two cents for the above topic .

1)Eventhough there are lot of standalone functions or stl available in 
the language . If possible we can write our own for the same in the 
MYSQL repository for the repeated usage . or maximize the STL usage in 
the MYSQL repository . Please check all the compiler extensions which we 
are supporting in Mysql before putback .
2)Since everybody knows what is happening on loading and linking time of 
executable , or may leads to increase the size of exec gradually for the 
further inclusion of the header files and its associated files, which 
might not be using in the high frequency .
3)If time permits we can benchmark against various parameters which will 
leads to better performance [code wise ] in the long run .

Thanks & Regards
Kesava Baby Poyyale

On 01/30/09 00:38, Brian Aker wrote:
> Hi!
> On Jan 29, 2009, at 11:06 AM, Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
>> yeah, i'm a big fan of using stl and boost whenever possible.
> We don't have a benchmark on exceptions yet, but for Drizzle we have 
> found that the STL is as fast, and sometimes faster, then the built in 
> code that MySQL has.
> If exceptions turn out to not cost us, we will switch to using them as 
> well. We just have not had the time to benchmark them yet.
> Cheers,
> -Brian
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