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From:Eric Prud'hommeaux Date:January 29 2009 7:06pm
Subject:Re: Re: STL, C++, Mysql Development?
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* Chad MILLER <chad@stripped> [2009-01-29 12:52-0500]
> On 29 Jan 2009, at 11:10, Patrick Lau wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Is it possible to use STL for mysql development? I tried to use
>> std::map, but it fails everytime during compilation...
> Mark's answer should help.
> We don't use enough of the C++ ecosystem in MySQL, I sqy.  I'd love to  
> use the STL* and exceptions**, and probably more.  We usually think we  
> can do it better than the implementors of libraries and compilers, which 
> leads us down some strange paths.  It's not specific to C++, either; we 
> even have (not well substantiated) reports that our custom memcpy that's 
> optimized for specific sized blocks is slower than plain memcpy, on some 
> architectures***.

awe weak!

yeah, i'm a big fan of using stl and boost whenever possible.
the prob is that *deployed* projects like mozilla have a legacy
of working on top of a not-so-consistent C++ infrastructure, and
it's ambitious to say "exceptions and templates are stable enough,
let's use them as they are intended to be used."

> - chad
> * sql/sql_list.h ?
> ** check_stack_overrun() ?!
> *** Bug#19975
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