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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 19 2002 2:22pm
Subject:MyISAM Static Row Header
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>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Grover <mmgrover@stripped> writes:

Mike> Can anyone point me to the right source code file(s) in the "myisam" sub
Mike> directory
Mike> that shows me how the byte count and values are read and wrote for
Mike> MyISAM Static row tables.

Mike> I looked at "myisam.txt" but didn't seem to see anything in there.

All static row handling is don in myisam/mi_static.c

Static rows are very simple;  All column data is just put after
eachother, where numbers are stored in low-byte format.

myisamchk -dvv filename.MYI

will give you a lot of information of how data is stored.
(Look at recordlength and field map)


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