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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 16 2002 8:09pm
Subject:new mysqlhotcopy update
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>>>>> "Randy" == Randy Harmon <rjh@stripped> writes:

Randy> I provided an earlier update for mysqlhotcopy that provides locking and
Randy> flushing of target tables in db-to-db copies.

Randy> This version fixes a problem when the target db doesn't yet exists, so that
Randy> it doesn't try to lock the target tables.

Randy> It also puts this correct list address in there.


Sorry, but I can't use the above copy of mysqlhotcopy as I can't
easily see what changes you have made to it.

The current mysqlhotcopy version in MYSQL 4.0.2 has a lot of new
options compared to your copy.  If I would do a merge of the two
versions, I could easily loose some of the new functionality.

Any chance you could download MySQL 4.0.2 from our source repository
and update this version of mysqlhotcopy with your changes ?

If this would be ok, please then send a 'diff -c' of the changes you
have done to this list, and we will update our copy of mysqlhotcopy
with your changes.

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