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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 12 2008 8:30am
Subject:re: 'mysql_client_test' and 'tests' directory
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>>>>> "Amit" == Amit K Saha <Amit> writes:

Amit> Hi!
Amit> According to 
Amit> 'mysql_client_test program is used for testing aspects of the MySQL 
Amit> client API that cannot be tested using mysqltest and its test language'

Amit> I would like to know what those aspects are.Thanks!

If you look at the mysql_client_test.c program code, this should be
obvious :)

With mysql_test, you can't test things like client timeouts, broken packages,
wrong usage of the client api etc.

Amit> Also:

Amit> The other Perl scripts and C tests in the directory- 'tests' should be 
Amit> run independently- by hand? Is there no Makefile target? (Something like 
Amit> 'make test' which runs the test-suite in 'mysql-test' and 'unittest'.

These are mainly scripts & programs that can be used as a start for
writing test cases for MySQL in case of a known problem.  They are not
intended for normal build testing.

Amit> I tried to use 'make install' but all it seems to do is to build 
Amit> 'mysql_client_test.c' and copies it to the 'bin' directory of the 
Amit> installation. I see no relevant target for the same in the top level 
Amit> Makefile as well.

mysql_client_test is the only program in the test directory that is
part of our test framework.

Amit> Am I missing something here?

Hope I was able to answer your question.


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