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From:Harrison Fisk Date:August 5 2008 9:02pm
Subject:Re: Dynamic record sizes for HEAP engine
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On Aug 2, 2008, at 2:18 PM, Michael Widenius wrote:

> Hi!
>>>>>> "Igor" == Igor Chernyshev <igor_cc75@stripped> writes:
> Igor> Update for those interested in this patch --
> Igor> Larry Zhou from Google and I have made a few bug fixes.
> Igor> The diff and zip files have been updated.
> Igor> Original diff can be found in "Deprecated" downloads.
> Igor> It's still based on MySQL 5.0.45.
> Igor>
> Thanks!
> I had an discussion about this patch with Brian two days ago. He is
> porting the patch to drizzle (basicly MySQL 5.1) and when he is ready
> I will get a copy of it and plan to add it to the MySQL-5.1-maria
> tree.

I finished this yesterday and it is now part of the drizzle tree.  It  
was relatively straight forward, just had a few bigger conflicts with  
some of the 5.1 changes for reducing contention around internal  
temporary tables.

If I get some spare time, I hope to add the ability to not require the  
key columns to be first in the table.  Once that is done, I wanted to  
try to enable it for internal temporary tables (except those with  
blobs) and do some benchmarks to see how it does compared to the fixed  
width allocation.

Those are more of long term plans since I am only doing this in my own  
time.  Dunno when/if they will be done.


Harrison C. Fisk, MySQL Staff Support Engineer
MySQL @ Sun Microsystems, Inc.,

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