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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 16 2008 10:13pm
Subject:Help requested to provide bug reports for 5.1
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This is a request to all MySQL users to help mysql developers, by
providing information, so that we can help you, by providing a more
stable MySQL server for your needs.

As you may know, MySQL 5.1 has been in state of release candidate (RC)
for some time. The last RC was announced as the last RC and is
supposed to be followed by a GA release.  The GA release is planned to
be the exact same code as the last GA, only with the label changed.

The question we, who are developing and supporting the MYSQL server
have been asking ourselves is, "Are really now in shape to do a proper
GA release?".

We would like you as a MySQL User to help us out with deciding this.

We don't want to repeat the mistake we did with MySQL 5.0 GA and then
again with MySQL 5.1 RC, by releasing a MySQL 5.1 GA too early.

Our external criteria for General Availability (GA) or Production
release can be found here:

What you may not know is that we have as part of our internal GA
criteria, a requirement that we should not have any serious bugs,
crashing or wrong result bugs, that affects a notable amount of
users. The criteria states that it is ok to postpone fixes for bugs
that have a low impact (ie affects few users).

This has the following implications:

- Bugs for which we don't have many user/customer reports for are not
  likely to get fixed. (In the worst case not even in 6.0 !)

- It's ok to go out with bugs in new feature in the GA as long as we
  don't have many users/customers that have reported problems with these

In other words, if you have an issue with a serious bug that exists in
5.1 that you *really* would like to have fixed soon now is your chance
to influence our development!

Note that it's ok, and we want, you to also report bugs after we
release the MySQL 5.1 as GA. The more users/customers commenting on a
bug the more chance it will be fixed!
What I would like for people to do:

- Report every single bug that you encounter or know about in 5.1 into
  our bugs system.

- If the bug is already reported, please add a comment to the bug
  report that it affects you too.

- If you are a MySQL support customer, add either a note to the bug
  report that you are a customer and the bug affects you or send a
   request as a customer directly to the MySQL support personal (they are
   happy to take your reports!)

- If you have reported a bug a long time ago that has not been fixed
  and this is still important for you to get fixed, please reopen the
  bug/add a note in the bugs database that the bug is still relevant for

Note that you should also do this for bugs that you know of in MySQL
5.0 that are still open for MySQL 5.1 (or any bugs that are labelled
to be fixed in a future release).  Bugs that are in earlier version
are also very likely to also be in 5.1 if the bugs database doesn't
say otherwise.

Lets make the MySQL server bugs life's harder by giving us more
information about which bugs are really important for us to fix.  More
information will help us make better decisions about how and when a
bug should be fixed.

You can find the above text also at:

Founder of MySQL

Help requested to provide bug reports for 5.1Michael Widenius17 Jul
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