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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 28 2008 12:16pm
Subject:re: [mysqladmin][wish list]
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>>>>> "David" == David MAURER <david.maurer@stripped> writes:

David> Is it possible to add an option (not to amend an option, which can be a
David> source of the problem) to mysqladmin to change password as the password
David> option but that with this new option mysqladmin displays a prompt to
David> enter the new password without it appears ? I do not want that
David> mysqladmin displays ****** but simply nothing for the password.

I tried

mysqladmin --password status

At least on Linux, nothing appears while you are entering the

I checked the code and on windows mysqladmin do write '*' for the
password characters.

A small trick you can use on windows to fool anyone that is looking at
you while you are writing is ending the password entry with extra
end-space characters.  The end space are automaticly removed from the
password but they still get the '*' to be printed.

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