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From:Kazuho Oku Date:March 25 2008 2:52am
Subject:ABI compatibility of pluggable storage engines
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Is it possible to create a binary distribution of a pluggable storage engine?

Today I noticed that while the binary distribution of mysql server for
linux-i386 provided by MySQL AB uses --with-fast-mutex option, the
SuSE RPM version does not.  Since the configuration option changes the
definition of pthread_mutex_t, the size of type THR_LOCK becomes
different between the binary distributions of mysql server.  And IMHO
since it is a requirement to pass a THR_LOCK object allocated by a
pluggable storage engine to the mysql server through
handler::store_lock function, the difference causes ABI
incompatibility between the distributions from the viewpoint of
pluggable storage engines.

So my questions are:

Q1) Can the problem be overcome by adding a padding to type THR_LOCK?

From my understanding the problem can be solved by adding a padding to
THR_LOCK used in by pluggable storage engine, like the following.  Am
I correct?

struct new_engine_share_t {
  THR_LOCK store_lock;
  char padding[16];

Q2) Are there other incompatibility issues to take into consideration?

Thank you in advance.

Kazuho Oku
ABI compatibility of pluggable storage enginesKazuho Oku25 Mar
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